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Breath of Life is currently meeting at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lawai Valley at 10 AM on Sundays and 6:30 PM on Thursday nights.

Landscape view of Kilauea lighthouse on Kauai

Breath of life

About Us

Breath of Life celebrated its 25 year anniversary in May of 2021. Started on Mother’s Day in 1996, Breath of Life has continued to serve and ministering faithfully to the people of Kauai and those visiting. Our roots are part of the Calvary Chapel’s in Hawaii and the Jesus Movement of the late 60’s & early 70’s where Calvary Chapel originated and was an integral part of accommodating that movement under the teaching and leadership of Pastor Chuck Smith.
Although that is our roots, we understand that the movement of that era has past and we are in a new era and look to that fresh “anointing” and movement of the Holy Spirit in this nation and world. We see many opportunities via today’s technology and global society to share the Gospel in a greater far reaching way. The fields are still ripe and ready for harvest and the Lord still needs laborers in the field physically and electronically.

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Breath of life


We like to say that: “We are simply real people serving a real God.”  In a nutshell, we are ordinary people, from all walks of life, races and cultures, living on the island of Kauai and all working together to serve our very real Lord and Savior Jesus.  We acknowledge that we are sinners, everyday people, saved by the Grace of God via the cross.  We believe it is important to stay “real,” while having a proper biblical perspective on life and know it isn’t about us, but rather all about and only about: Jesus!  

Our Community


Teach Children

our weekday and weekend take a lot of people to make them work, from ushers to greeters.

Study the Bible

We seek and are committed to build relationships and have intentional and strategic partnerships.

Help the Poor

We believe God has called a church that that follows Him by turning our hearts and our focus.

No service in Lawai this Sunday, due to the Kauai Marathon!


We will meet at 9:00 AM at Salt Pond Beach and have a potluck with baptism and fellowship!